OTG Ranked in LinkedIn’s Top Hospitality & Travel Companies


LinkedIn recognizes OTG as one of the most desirable workplaces in the U.S. based on the organization’s ability to attract and retain talent, including bridging the gender pay gap, diversity hiring and offering employees a plethora of advancement opportunities

New York, New York, June 23, 2022 – This week, LinkedIn announced OTG as one of 2022’s top workplaces in the travel and hospitality industry. The list is designed to help professionals identify the best place to grow their careers.

We are truly honored to receive this prestigious award from LinkedIn. Thank you to all our hardworking Crewmembers for making OTG one of the top places to work. Our OTG Crewmembers are the secret sauce to the success of our organization, which is why we are dedicated to listening and investing to continue to improve the employee experience. I am very excited for the future of OTG!
– Rick Blatstein, OTG CEO

Industry Edition is the latest addition to the “LinkedIn Lists” series, a collection of lists produced by the LinkedIn News team celebrating the people and companies making an impact in the professional world. 

Being in the hospitality industry working in human resources for over 25 plus years has been an exciting journey. OTG has fostered my HR career by providing ample growth opportunities during my tenure. I am extremely excited about the award and recognition OTG has received and I look forward to what is in store for this amazing company.
– Vanessa Cabrera, OTG Senior Director of Human Resources

Similar to LinkedIn’s annual Top Companies List, the industry edition is meant to serve as a go-to resource for professionals at every stage of their career journey — just at a more personalized level. It highlights the best companies to grow a career in 9 industries in the U.S. and is built using a methodology backed by exclusive LinkedIn data. 

There are seven pillars of the methodology, each revealing an important element of career progression inside a company, and all based on LinkedIn data:

+ Ability to advance | Tracks how employees get promoted both at the company and when they land a new position externally, based on standardized job titles.

+ Skills growth: Looks at how employees across the company are gaining skills while employed at the company, using standardized LinkedIn skills.

+ Company stability: Tracks attrition over the past year as well as percentage of employees that stay at the company at least three years.

+ External opportunity: Looks at Recruiter outreach across employees at the company.

+ Company affinity: Tracks connection volume among employees, controlled for the company size.

+ Gender diversity: Measures gender parity within a company.

+ Educational background: Examines the variety of educational attainment among employees, from no degree up to Ph.D. levels, reflecting a commitment to recruiting a wide range of professionals.

OTG is committed to a diverse and inclusive culture that allows our crewmembers to grow both personally and professionally. We are excited to receive this award as it is a true testament of OTG’s commitment to our crewmembers.
– Alan House, OTG EVP of Human Resources

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