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MAT and C

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OTG brings a slice of the Big Apple into the airport terminal at Delta LGA, offering guests an impressive selection of local and regional foods and gifts. By teaming up with some of the best chefs in New York City, the dining capital of the world, OTG created one of the most exciting culinary programs ever to hit the airport terminal. State-of-the- art design integrates with next-level technology to create a seamless dining and shopping experience that complements the varied lifestyles of passengers today.

Dining Guide

Terminal MAT

From delicious, fresh and wholesome foods, to top-line health and wellness solutions, to singular gifts and leading edge tech — CIBO has every taste and need covered.


This concept serves as the central and key concept in LaGuardia’s historic JetBlue Marine Air Terminal. Featuring a range of pizzas, antipasti and small plates, Salotto ensures JetBlue travelers can get an authentic bite whether on the go or with time to sit and enjoy their meal.

Terminal C

Sunday Supper

The concept focuses on delicious, traditional Italian – American staples inspired by heritage and heart. The menu is approachable and authentic – Italian – American home cooking at its best. The menu coupled with genuinely warm yet casual service plus a complementary Italian centric beverage program will transport you far from the bustle of the airport to a traditional Italian – American family Sunday supper. We source ingredients from Italian neighborhoods such as South Philadelphia’s Italian Market and New York City’s Arthur Avenue in The Bronx. Quality, simple, and ingredient driven dishes all served by a team of proud and passionate OTG trained professionals. The new restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day to travelers near and far.


New York City’s beloved cozy and boozy restaurant and pie shop, Bubby’s, opened on Thanksgiving Day 1990. Chef and Owner Ron Silver began baking pies and selling them to restaurants and his neighbors out of a small kitchen in Tribeca. The concept focuses on simple and fresh, no fuss comfort food made from scratch American cooking. Bubby’s has the quintessential comfort dish for everyone – crispy fried chicken, light and fluffy traditional pancakes, delectable pies, and homemade buttermilk biscuits! The menu is chef driven featuring ingredients sourced from local farms and small purveyors.

The Line Sports Grill
Enjoy warm and friendly service with casual and comfortable seating; the perfect atmosphere to eat, drink, and socialize while cheering on your favorite teams on multiple screens before your flight! The menu offers a variety of dishes that are simple, comforting, and decadent, serving up fan favorites like battered and baked loaded fries, signature nachos, wings of all varieties, mouthwatering burgers, and refreshing milkshakes.

Essex Burger (pm)

The concept focuses on the classic American bar burger – rich, comforting, and delicious that really hits the spot! Essex has a burger for everyone, including a “No BS” double smash beef patty, a Beyond Meat vegan patty, and a dry aged beef blend burger topped with sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, and gruyere cheese. All varieties of burgers are served with our signature Chimichurri fries and can be made with grilled chicken upon request. The menu is chef driven and features fresh, high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. We are proud to serve Orwashers Artisanal Buns, Pat LaFrieda Meats, and produce from Little Leaf Farms. Classic, straight-shooting burgers all served by a team of proud and passionate OTG trained professionals. The new restaurant serves lunch and dinner every day to travelers near and far.

Chuko Ramen (pm)

Brooklyn’s first and favorite artisanal ramen shop, Chuko, opened in late summer 2011. Owners and Morimoto veterans Jamison Blankenship and David Koon are serious about their ramen. Their menu focuses on Japanese noodle soups and locally sourced comfort food. Simple yet satisfying, that’s the goal at Chuko (which means “vintage” in Japanese). Their meticulous attention to detail can be seen in the dishes.

Eggy Weggy (am)

The concept Eggy Weggy offers a variety of classic breakfast sandwiches along with a build-your-own option, each featuring the star of any self-respecting breakfast sandwich: the egg. Eggy Weggy is an existing concept but will be reintroduced at LGA E featuring all new reformed recipes and plating. Eggy Weggy is Essex Burger’s breakfast concept served from its kitchen (shared with Chuko) until 11am.

Poppy’s Bagels (am)

The fast-casual breakfast concept Poppy’s Bagels offers fresh baked New York style bagels and homemade spreads made with simple, fresh, high-quality ingredients. Poppy’s is Chuko’s breakfast concept served from its kitchen (shared with Essex Burger) until 11am.


Cold local pints and small bites airside.


A New England-inspired seafood shack

Cotto Market

From delicious, fresh and wholesome foods, to top-line health and wellness solutions, to singular gifts and leading edge tech — Cotto Market has every taste and need covered.


Cotto features a wide range of trattoria favorites including antipasti, pasta, paninis and pizza. Travelers can savor Bolognese meatballs with tomato sauce and Parmigiano; Garganelli with radicchio and truffle butter, among other Italian specialties. Guests have the ability to escape the bustling LGA environment when visiting Cotto and its warm, al fresco feel and classic Italian offering.


A raw bar feauting an assortment of fresh seafood.

Bisoux Market

From delicious, fresh and wholesome foods, to top-line health and wellness solutions, to singular gifts and leading edge tech — Bisoux Market has every taste and need covered.


This Terminal D bistro features an aura and offering inspired by Provencal cuisine. Bisoux features the flavors and textures of simple French country cooking, offering classic dishes such as French onion soup, Croque monsieur, tuna nicoise and crispy duck confit. Bisoux Market offers the entire menu to-go in addition to traditional French gourmet offerings and selections from CIBO Express Gourmet Markets.

Rossi Pizzeria

Rossi Pizzeria Bright features a space both airy and inviting, designed to be reminiscent of dining on a patio overlooking Mediterranean Sea. The pizza focused concept was developed in consultation with New York’s #1 pizzaiola Mark Iacono of Lucali in Carroll Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn.

H&H Bagels

New York’s most iconic bagel, this fast casual concept offers travelers a range of the city’s favorite bagel and spreads.

Flatiron Tavern

A straightforward American menu with options such as burgers and fish.

A casual pizza spot serving up delicious pies with a variety of toppings, perfect for a quick and satisfying bite.