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OTG is revolutionizing the hospitality industry by pushing the boundaries of excellence. Our Crewmembers work in a first-class organization creating amazing experiences for airport guests. The enthusiasm, creativity and passion for quality embodied by OTG Crewmembers enable OTG to continuously improve the passenger experience.

With more than 300 in-terminal dining and retail locations in 10 airports, OTG and its 5,000+ Crewmembers serve millions of guests each year in dynamic settings across North America.

By joining our team, you’ll discover endless opportunities to explore, learn and realize your greatest potential in some of the most exciting hospitality environments around. And because our people drive our experiences, we offer some of the best compensation and benefits in the industry.



Because we love to see our people soar, OTG offers each of its Crewmembers a custom Flight Plan and Promotion Path to help get you to the next level. A Manager in Training program is also available for those wishing to embark on the next stage of their career.



As one of OTG’s core values, safety has always been top-of-mind when operating in our spaces for the sake of both OTG Crewmember and guest. Now more than ever, safety is at the forefront of every decision being made in our operation. For more information on how OTG is keeping its people safe, visit our Safety page by clicking here

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Onboarding Timeline

iPadicon Review

We screen all applications along side a variety of criteria.

iPadicon Interview

An opportunity to get to know the candidate better.

iPadicon Days of Discovery

A day in the life where salary candidates are immersed with their prospective team.

iPadicon Final Interview

The candidate is brought back for one final review.

iPadicon Offer

An offer is made to the candidate best fit for the role.

iPadicon Badging

The final step is getting our new crewmember access to the terminal.

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