Published On: June 22, 2016

Curated For You – Summer Solstice Selects: SGR Boardwalk Sweets


Meet Curated For You, a new recurring feature highlighting the latest & greatest from our CIBO Express Gourmet Markets.

Summer Solstice Selects: SGR Boardwalk Sweets

Saltwater taffy in assorted summer favors is the best way to bring something familiar with you when traveling! These classic chews can brighten up any day!

Popcorn Update

This summer season’s highlighted items are reminiscent of classic sweets and treats that you would find on any shore boardwalk. caramel popcorn drizzled with white chocolate and sprinkles pictured above, is the perfect bite sized snack to enjoy on your flight or bring home to share with friends and family.         Our advice – don’t share!

Marshmallow Update

Marshmallows in the three classic cotton candy colors pictured above are the perfect twist of a summer treat. Eat them before a flight or save them until you get home and make a rainbow s’mores, you decide!

Available at most CIBO locations be sure to try these SGR Boardwalk Sweets and share them on social using #OTGexp

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