Published On: August 24, 2018

Meet Jonathan Clark

In this installment of Crewmember Up Close, we speak with Jonathan Clark, Server at LOVE Grille (PHL). Being the first person customers encounter during their OTG experience, Jonathan is a key factor in elevating the airport experience. Working at PHL/B, which underwent a remarkable renovation at the end of last year, he embodies the enthusiasm and passion characteristic of all our Crewmembers. Below, Jonathan tells us more about his role with OTG.

Name: Jonathan Clark
Position: Server

Tell us about your role with OTG.

As a server and bartender, my goal is to provide customers with the best preFLIGHT experience. I started working with OTG almost a year ago and have enjoyed every second of it. Meeting travelers from all walks of life and helping them through what can be a very stressful experience is very rewarding to me. I encounter people who are in a rush, provide them with a good meal and give them a chance to relax before reaching their destination. Working alongside my team, both in front and back of the house, is another highlight of my role at OTG. They make the job easier and more enjoyable. 

How has your role changed the way you view airports & traveling?

Working at LOVE Grille as a server has taught me how quality customer service makes a difference in the travelers’ journey. A couple of weeks ago, I was serving a couple coming back from vacation in the West Indies. After they had their meal they complimented our service and let us know that it was the highlight of their trip. Occasions like these remind me and the rest of my team how going the extra mile for our customers can have such an impact in their traveling experience.

Describe working at OTG in 3 words.

Fast-paced fun.


lightingLIGHTING ROUNDlighting

Favorite dish: Tuna Tacos with avocado and kimchi from LOVE Grill (PHL).

Favorite destination: Minorca, Spain.

Item you can’t travel without: My cell phone charger.

Pre-board ritual: Wearing no belt and shoes with no laces to travel fast through security.

Favorite in-flight snack: Peanuts from our CIBO Express Gourmet Markets.

Window or aisle: Definitely window!

Stay tuned for our next Crewmember Up Close feature. In the meantime, if you’re interested in learning more about opportunities to join our team visit to start your OTG journey!

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