Published On: July 13, 2016

Conscious Coffee on the Go

With a focus on ethically sourced, locally roasted beans, partnerships with local roasters, top-line in-terminal brewing equipment, and a rigorous training program for crew members, World Bean ensures a unparalleled coffee experience that benefits both guest and community.

A Signature Blend

Signature Blend

Available throughout all World Bean locations in 10 different airports, the brand has its own signature blend. Developed by Caffe Vita and roasted in Brooklyn, New York, World Bean’s signature blend consists of four different types of beans to achieve optimal flavor.

Ethical Sourcing


World Bean’s coffee partner Caffe Vita is constantly traveling the globe in pursuit of exceptional coffees that meet high standards of environmental and social sustainability, forging relationships with coffee growers and sourcing and roasting the most unique coffees available. Each and every coffee used must have a fully traceable path from farm to roaster. As a result, we are able to ensure that the environmental, economic, and social conditions for sustainability are being met.

Local Partnerships

local partnerships

In each of World Bean’s major market locations, we partner with local coffee shops and roasters to provide boutique blends of coffee to travelers, in addition to our signature blend. These partnerships provide a unique opportunity to both provide small businesses the exposure of a global travel audience, while providing travelers a true taste of the local scene.






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