Published On: January 6, 2018

A Taste of Tokyo arrives at EWR Terminal C

Newark Terminal C customers: the freshest sushi is now at your fingertips. Continuing with our mission to bring our guests the highest quality culinary experience, OTG is excited to announce the opening of Tsukiji Fishroom. The new concept is a welcome addition to the United Experience’s Global Bazaar in Newark Terminal C.

The offerings in Tsukiji Fishroom are sourced from the world renowned Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. The fresh catch is transported to EWR several times a week via United Airlines’ non-stop NRT-EWR route. The sushi can be enjoyed by our customers at EWR an estimated 25 hours after it has been purchased at the iconic Tsukiji Market daily auction. 

Tsukiji Market Tuna Auction

“Customers can now enjoy the highest quality of sushi at the airport, as opposed to ‘airport sushi,’” said Nate Appleman, Vice President of Culinary at OTG and James Beard award winning chef. “By sourcing from and working directly with a supplier at Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, we ensure a level of sushi not before seen in an airport.”

The EWR concept includes a variety of fresh takeaway sushi options, featuring freshly sourced tuna, Hamachi (yellowtail), saba (mackerel), amadai (tiltopefish), tako (octopus) and hotate (scallops). Customers also have the option of customizing bento boxes with the nigiri and maki of their choice.

United Cargo 2

The Tsukiji Fishroom will serve as as a production facility for sushi offerings across Terminal C, including the Global Bazaar marketplace, CIBO Express Gourmet, and Caps Beer Garden.

Visit the Global Bazaar next time you travel and experience ‘sushi at the airport’ instead of ‘airport sushi’.

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