Published On: September 13, 2016

Team OTG Races for the Cure

Team OTG was proud to be a part of the annual Susan G. Komen Greater NYC Race for the Cure in Central Park this past weekend. Adorned in bright orange OTG glasses and a variety of pink gear, our team members were buzzing with energy and ready to join the fight!!!

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 3.00.31 PMPhoto: OTG

The average person takes approximately 6,200 steps in a 5k, but these are not average people. These are mothers, sisters, aunts, wives, husbands, sons and daughters; fighters and survivors! We at OTG were honored to run with them.

Those who came together this past Saturday September 10th 2016 at Central Park represented the diversity in a disease that affects so many. Colleges and universities, churches, companies and those families and individuals personally affected by breast cancer raced in alliance celebrating life and those lost.

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 3.24.49 PMPhoto: OTG

With 30 members of the OTG team racing and our crewmembers helping across the board, we managed to raise more than $14,000 – putting Team OTG in the Top 10 highest company! We are grateful to all of our crewmembers for giving generously.

P3Photo: OTG

The OTG team was lucky to share stories of their own personal motivations for racing and heard stories from many others. We were grateful to be able to honor all of those who are fighting everyday and will continue to fight until there is an end to breast cancer.

At the sound of the horn, we proudly took off racing 10,000 strong.

Learn more about the Susan G. Komen Greater New York City chapter here.

Happy Travels!

-Team OTG

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