Published On: April 23, 2018

The Best in the Design Game

Continuing to push the boundaries of design and technology integration, OTG and design partner Rockwell Group have brought home 5 A’ Design Awards – the world’s largest design competition honoring the best designed concepts, products & services. Judged by a grand jury panel of prominent academics, established designers, influential press members and leading design professionals, the A’ Design Awards highlight outstanding design that pushes the boundaries of art, technology and science.  The full list of winners is below:

Ember (IAH): Gold


Developed as an ode to Texas, Rockwell Group utilized materials that feel grounded in the Houston area. Black and white tiles, copper, blackened metal and wood evoke the elegance of traditional local steakhouses. Diners sit under a wood plank ceiling and chandeliers made of copper pipes and exposed Edison bulbs.

Kaedama (EWR): Gold


Kaedama is located in the center of the Global Food Bazaar in EWR Terminal C and finds it design inspiration from clock towers in classic European town squares. The cornerstone of this ramen bar is the 40’ sculpture hanging above it, in the form of an abstract gold noodle that is wrapped by a handwoven LED media mesh.

Dining Oases (IAH & EWR): Gold

oasis copy

With their impressive structure and design incorporating inspiration from each respective city, our dining oases concepts at IAH and EWR, including Tanglewood and Q, have taken home the gold.

Global Bazaar (EWR): Silver
global bazaar

Fully tech-enhanced and featuring an abundant offering inspired by what you’d find on the street in the New York / New Jersey area, the Global Bazaar is carefully designed with the on-the-go guest in mind. Adapting as the day progresses, each concept in the space transforms both offering and physical structure to meet the time-specific needs of the traveler.

Bam Bam (IAH): Silver

bam bam

Bam Bam reflects the Cajun look and feel, a nod to the Houston area’s expansive and rich Vietnamese Cajun roots. This 70-seat beer garden features a bar that wraps through the space, which is punctuated with sculptural, fluted bamboo columns and pops of red. Guests can choose to sit at a central cluster of banquettes or at custom communal tables influenced by traditional beer gardens.

Congratulations to all involved in these accolades!

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